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Below is a list of questions we've been asked in the past. Please feel free to contact us with other questions.

General questions

What does it cost to book Fourth Wish?

Live music is an incredible bargain: You may be surprised at how reasonable our rates are. Booking costs vary depending on length of time you'd like to have the band play, size and configuration of the venue (determines how much PA equipment must be set up), distance the band needs to travel, day of the week, time of year, etc. Please contact us for booking availability and rates.

Is the quartet available in other configurations (solo, duet, trio, etc.)?

Differing venues or events require different configurations for the group. While we prefer to work as a quartet, talk to us about your needs and we'll try to meet them. The following configurations are possibilities for us:

  • Solo piano
  • Piano and sax/flute duo
  • Piano and bass duo
  • Piano, bass and sax/flute trio
  • Piano, bass, and drums trio
  • Full quartet
  • Quartet plus guitar or vocalist

In addition, all of us perform with other groups and are connected via personal and professional relationships with other musicians. Contact us for information regarding other types of groups.

From where does the name Fourth Wish come?

Mostly Jon liked the sound of it. Something a little bit more than what a person might ordinarily get. You know how it is: You've had the appetizer and the fish course and the soup and the entree, but is there room for chocolate? Of course.

Do you provide a written contract?

For your protection and ours, for non-club gigs we insist on it. We're flexible about what is and is not covered in the contract, but we prefer to err on the side of overspecifying. Click here to see a sample wedding contract. We're glad to provide a contract or to work with you using a contract you provide.

Do you take requests?

We make every effort to play music you would like to hear and not to play songs you'd rather not listen to. We promise never ever to play Feelings. Primarily we are a West-coast oriented cool jazz quartet: Jazz standards and blues are our mainstay. However, we have hundreds of tunes available and will try to accomodate your request. If you can provide us with a recording and/or sheet music ahead of your event, chances are excellent that we can play any song you like, within the limits of our instrumental makeup.

Can I or my guests play along with the quartet?

Possibly. If you have a particular song which you would like to perform or which you would like to have one of your guests perform, we can arrange for you to attend a rehearsal so that we can create a performance memorable for its quality. Impromptu requests are harder to manage, but we'll try. If you're hosting a private party and one of your guests would like to perform with the quartet, we'd want to clear it with you or your event coordinator before allowing the guest to perform. We don't have instruments to lend to guests, so a guest who wanted to perform with us would need to have his or her own instrument. We also reserve the right to limit guest performances.

What if a musician is sick or otherwise unavailable?

Our members are all highly professional. It's extremely unusual for any of us to miss an engagement. However, backup musicians are available for each of us should the need arise.

Can you wear (tuxedoes, business suits, Hawaiian shirts, Civil War uniforms, nothing at all)?

Fourth Wish generally performs at one of four levels of attire:

  • Formal wear. Classic black tuxedo with black bow tie.
  • Business. Suits or sport coat and tie.
  • Business casual. Shirt and tie or collared shirt and sweater with dress pants.
  • Casual. Collared shirt, sweater, or your company/event's T shirt and khakis or jeans.

Other attire is possible with enough advance notice and may require an extra fee.

What if we want to hire you for an extra set when your appointed time is complete?

This can be difficult. As a quartet and as individuals, we plan our schedules very carefully and well in advance. Be aware that sometimes we may be unavailable to stay due to a previous engagement. It's best to book us for the maximum amount of time you expect to need us. However, we may be able to accomodate requests for extra sets, though there will be an extra charge.

How far ahead should I book the quartet?

We generally plan our calendar months in advance. Especially during peak holiday/wedding periods, it's best to book the band as far ahead as possible. A 25% non-refundable deposit guarantees your booking.

Can I come see the quartet to help me decide if I want to hire you?

We'd love to have you come to one of our public performances. Let us know you're coming so we can greet you properly. Unfortunately, we can't let you come to another person's private function to see the quartet.

Restaurant/Bar/Club related questions

Will you play for drinks/food/tips?


For a cover charge instead of your regular fee?

Sure. We can work with your doorman or provide a person to collect at the door.

Will the quartet be too loud/too soft for my establishment?

We have a tremendous amount of experience playing a variety of venues. We'll fit our performance to your needs, whatever they might be.

Are reduced rates available for multiple bookings?

Absolutely. Regularly scheduled bookings bring economy of scale, ease of promotion and other advantages; we'll work with you to determine reasonable rates.


All materials copyright 2010, Jon Margerum-Leys and Fourth Wish. Questions or comments e-mail us.